IMM Group is famous for its business items in the Vietnamese market. Therefore, the cooperation between VietGuys and IMM Group in 2019 helped the company solve its problem in reaching customers on messaging channels. So what is the role of OTT Messaging in this strategy?

Campaign Result

Combine messages and pictures

Many customers are interested in the product

Communication channels reach customers

Business Issue

In Vietnam, the IMM Group is a leader in the fields of global citizenship and immigrant investment. IMM Group has grown into a company that specializes in property management, family inheritance, and financial consulting. Citizenship (USA, Australia, Canada, Europe), investment portfolio diversification, financial preservation (foreign real estate, investment money, and inheritance through generations) are among the services offered. IMM FDI Services advises foreign investment in Vietnam and connects foreign businesses to make purchases, mergers, investment projects in Vietnam.

With such a wide scale of operations in Vietnam, IMM Group's initiatives to approach and care for a big number of customers on multiple platforms, including the communication channel via messaging, are always concentrated. IMM Group shared with VietGuys the need to send long-form letters every weekend with information about the group's programs without relying on templates.


Set Goals

Following IMM Group's presentation, VietGuys discussed the ambitions and aspirations that IMM Group expects to achieve in the future. VietGuys and IMM Group have determined that the core of the campaign's purpose is the use of multi-channel communications to reach customers, based on the basic necessity to provide informational messages about programs. VietGuys will next conduct research and make recommendations for appropriate service strategies.


Business Issue

Expand multi-channel, expand customer reach frequency

VietGuys began deploying Mobile Marketing solutions using the Viber-Messaging (OTT-SMS) service after determining the audience. This is a solution that combines two sorts of messages: Viber messaging and SMS Brandname, allowing businesses to fully utilize both types of messages when executing SMS Marketing programs, allowing them to reach the greatest number of target customers at the lowest cost.

From the desires of IMM Group, VietGuys has deployed an OTT service that combines sending Viber messages and SMS Brandname.

  • IMM Group will approach customers on both SMS and Viber platforms to help increase brand awareness. 
  • The coverage of the IMM Group brand with the OTT multi-channel integrated messaging service will be gradually expanded.