The CANON PHOTOMARATHON 2020 contest has produced a lot of buzz among the photography fans in Vietnam since it outperformed expectations while communicating via email marketing. How has VIETGUYS contributed to the results when it was in charge of delivering a professional Email Marketing sending system and assuring the quality of campaign measurement indicators while assisting Canon in the deployment of an Email Marketing campaign?

Campaign Result

Email response success rate

Target customers receive emails

Number of registered candidates

Business Issue

Canon Marketing Vietnam Co., Ltd is managed and supported by the Canon Marketing Asia Group and the Canon Singapore Company. Canon's commercial outcomes in terms of market share of inkjet cameras and laser printers in the Vietnamese market have always been highly effective over the years.

Furthermore, Canon has consistently made beneficial contributions in various areas in Vietnam, including education, culture, and society. The Canon Photomarathon contest is another of Canon's annual events, which aims to not only foster a passion for photography but also to popularize it in Vietnam and other nations across the world. Canon PhotoMarathon has established itself as Vietnam's largest and most anticipated photographic event.

Continuing to keep an enthusiastic spirit, in November 2020, the Canon PhotoMarathon Quick Composition Photo Contest was officially held for the XIVth time in an online form for photography lovers across Vietnam with many attractive prizes

To promote this contest, the challenge for Canon Marketing Vietnam is to attract contestants to register to participate and increase users' sympathy for the Canon brand. The brand desires to introduce the contest to all students participating in courses or registering for workshops via Email Marketing channel.


Set Goals

More specifically, the expected goals for this Email Marketing campaign are:

  • Optimize Email open rate as much as possible;
  • Rate of registered participation reaches 40% compared to the number of emails sent out;
  • Resend 100% Email feedback information when candidates successfully register;
  • Raise awareness and coverage of the contest on Email Marketing channel to 90%, by sending Emails to the right target audience at the right time.


VietGuys's Deployment Strategy

To solve the problem posed by Canon, the Email Marketing team at VietGuys implemented an Email Marketing campaign for this contest with 3 criterias:

  • Use high-quality Email Marketing software system with an optimized, easy-to-use interface, operated via the servers of the world's leading prestigious partners such as Mailchimp, Amazon, Sendgrid, Elastic.
  • Ensure that the email form sent out is still beautiful, vivid and full of the criteria required in an Email Marketing campaign (header, personalization, quality images, CTA button, Unsubscribe button, ... )
  • Commit to reaching high output efficiency with post-campaign metrics.


Kết Quả Chiến Dịch


  • 99% of Target Customers receive Email
  • 99.9% Successful Response Email Rate
  • Number of registered candidates exceeded expectations

With the above criteria, the effectiveness of the campaign was beyond expectations with extremely positive numbers:

  • Reach 99% of the program's target audience, thanks to a simple design that makes the message stand out. The success of the campaign also comes from choosing the right sending time, and the data set is cleanly filtered.
  • The number of contestants registered to participate in the contest exceeded expectations with a rate of 45%.
  • After registering, candidates will receive email feedback from VietGuys system about the contest entry number and confirmation of the participating account, with the email response success rate at 100%.
  • Email open rate is up to 70%.

Furthermore, VIETGUYS linked the Facebook Ads service, which is also part of the Mobile Marketing Solutions service ecosystem, to assist Canon in promoting efficient contest communication to the proper target demographic.

If you'd like your company to have a team of professionals to assist with the execution of Email Marketing campaigns, please provide your contact information here so that VIETGUYS can be contacted immediately away and at any time!