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A company can own more than one brand name if it provides enough profiles as required by Telcos. Please contact VGs for registration support.

Method 1: The data test allows brands to provide their phone numbers. However, there will be hazards because each phone number is limited to a certain number of advertising messages per day.

Method 2: Get a detailed report after the order is successfully sent.

No. SMS Brandname is a one-way message service and can only be sent one-way from the system to the customer

● Limit texting with spam SIMs or strange numbers that make recipients distrustful

● Brands can promote brand names and images through Brandname

● End users instantly recognize the brand

● Brand messages do not violate anti-spam laws under Decree 91 CP

● Have clear reports and a smart messaging system

● High successful sending quality up to 99.9% (Applicable to customer service messages)

VGs complies with the telco's pricing policy.

Customer service can personalize message content, set reminders, and can send real-time messages. Meanwhile, advertising can only send 1 piece of content for the entire data set

No, the company that registers first will own the brand name

Due to the telco's policy, advertising messages must be sent at least 2 hours in advance to review content to prevent content unrelated to advertising and illegal.

For ordinary businesses, a Business License is required to register a Brandname.

In addition, there are special cases that do not need a business license such as schools, hospitals, public administrative units etc.


The VGs system will filter incorrect and duplicate numbers, but for personalized customer service messages, the system will not filter duplicates.

Data will be saved for verification purposes and stored within 6 months (standard). If customers have special requests, VGs will flexibly handle them.

No, because the content must be sent first to the network for approval, so the link encoding string cannot be inserted to track the link. However, there will be some flexible combination scenarios such as verifying with OTP code, filling in participant information. This time will track which customer has clicked the link.

VGs will prepare an additional appendix to the principle contract between VGs and customers.

According to the law, VGs always issues VAT invoices to customers.

 Customers will be notified by VGs 5 days before the new price applies.

SMS has 2 flexible payment methods including prepaid and postpaid according to customer needs