In order to help CGV ensure optimal customer experience during service usage, VietGuys has solved this problem through Email Marketing service. With a variety of Email Marketing campaigns such as Transactional Email, Email Promotion, etc. How has VietGuys implemented to promote box office revenue, while helping CGV interact, create interest and maintain relationships with customers?

Campaign Result

Email Open Rate

Box office revenue

Link click rate

Business Issue

CGV, a subsidiary of the CJ Group, is one of the world's top five cinema clusters, as well as Vietnam's largest distributor and cinema complex. This cinema brand from the land of kimchi has progressively grown into the industry's "big brother" due to its strong financial potential. CGV has sparked a lot of conversation on social media as a result of its active activities on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, such as updating information about new movies with movie trailers, premiere times, and so on, as well as launching attractive incentives and promotions on special days or for specific audiences like couples, pupils, students, and children.

With a clearly and scientifically planned marketing strategy, CGV always strives to be a brand that provides amazing entertainment moments to customers with "nothing to complain about" service quality in the Vietnamese market. To confidently stand firmly in the Vietnamese market with its head held high, CGV must pay close attention to every detail in every step of the process, from media advertising to customer service, in order to give the finest possible service experience.

More particularly, when it comes to the online ticket buying process and sending confirmation emails to customers, CGV always sets the bar high to ensure that this phase runs properly, giving customers a consistent experience from the moment they begin using the service. Customers must also receive expert support on the Online platform when they use the CGV website system to register as a member or when there are promotions that need to be announced to members. This is also the "topic" that CGV offers and "choose to send gold" to the Email Marketing service at VIETGUYS.

The problem that needs to be solved is to have a reputable and quality Email system to send full email scripts during the process of customers using the service at CGV such as:

  • Transactional email: Email to confirm movie ticket booking.
  • Welcome email: Every time a customer registers as a member, they will receive a welcome email from CGV.
  • Email Promotion: Retain customers to boost sales.


Set Goals

It can be seen that Email Marketing is a channel capable of promoting extremely positive revenue, and also helps CGV interact, create interest and maintain relationships with customers. Therefore, when cooperating with VIETGUYS, CGV expected to achieve the following goals:

  • Increase revenue by 30% through Email Marketing channel.
  • Ensure 100% of customers receive Email confirmation of movie ticket booking.
  • For emails announcing promotions and gratitude to loyal customers, the system must optimize the email opening rate to 80%, and at the same time achieve a link click rate of over 50%.


VietGuys's Deployment Strategy

VIETGUYS Email Marketing team has implemented a movie ticket booking campaign in the form of Email Transaction through providing API. The important criteria in Email Transaction always focused are:

  • Email content is clearly personalized, automatically sent at the right time right after customers book movie tickets or register as a CGV member.
  • Email responses are also automatically sent within a day or two after the film screening.
  • Simultaneously, Email is built to fit the screen of mobile devices, ensuring that all parts of the design, from content to spacing, are optimized so that customers can view emails without being confused or uncomfortable.

In order to express the gratitude to customers for participating in the survey program, VIETGUYS integrated a member survey campaign with a program to gain points to redeem gifts for the campaign to send Email Promotion to members.