In order to have an easy, effective and cost-effective communication channel with Vietnamese customers, SCK Group from the UK and VietGuys had the opportunity to cooperate and realize this purpose. In…. (year), the OTT Messaging service was trusted and used by SCK and achieved many results beyond expectations.

Campaign Result

Usage costs are saved

PSK brand awareness in Vietnam

Customers on 2 platforms: SMS and Viber

Bài Toán Doanh Nghiệp

GSK (Glaxo Smith Kline) is a well-known global pharmaceutical firm with headquarters in Brentford, London, England, and offices around the world, including Vietnam. GSK constantly examines the circumstances and conducts extensive research in order to address the requirements of millions of patients and customers in Vietnam.

GSK carefully calculates the cost and financial concerns in all activities as the company expands and develops. Marketing efforts via SMS messaging platforms are included. VietGuys had the opportunity to collaborate and support textbooks to address the problem of saving SMS expenses when sending valuable notifications and information to customers in the Vietnamese market.


Set Goals

During the discussion and exchange, VietGuys identified the core goal to seek a suitable solution for GSK. VietGuys will ensure the most cost-effective and economical way when using the messaging service for customers. Besides, it also ensures the brand identity of GSK Group as well as the ability of customers and patients to receive full messages.


VietGuys Strategy

Multi-channel messaging, cost optimization

When the target was set, VietGuys began using the Viber-Messaging (OTT-SMS) service to develop a Mobile Marketing solution. This is a solution that combines two sorts of messages: Viber messages and SMS Brandname messages, allowing businesses to fully utilize both types of messages when executing SMS Marketing campaigns and reach the as most audience as possible at the lowest possible cost.

With GSK, VietGuys has deployed an OTT service that combines sending Viber messages and SMS Brandname.

  • Customers will receive a message showing the sender is a brand name from GSK.
  • Besides the optimal cost and combined messaging on the two platforms, GSK's brand awareness scope will become wider.