SmartPro is concerned about launching a new product/ service without being able to send SMS Brandname notifications to customers. Businesses have partnered with VietGuys to offer SMS Fixed service in order to save money while maintaining the stability of delivered messages.

Campaign Result

End users stably receive messages

Customer satisfaction level of services

Maximum cost for customer

Business issue

SmartPro is a company that specializes in offering IT advice, training, and solutions to local and international businesses, as well as increasing management capacity, working abilities, and leadership skills. SmartPro is committed to providing your business with the most possible and useful solutions; comprehensive training programs with a harmonious combination of in-depth theory and practical training. SmartPro has a team of consultants with practical experience, a team of qualified and enthusiastic instructors, trained at home and abroad, and modern equipment.

SmartPro has trusted VietGuys with the desire to send customers information about new products and services via SMS Fixed after more than 7 years of establishment and development. SmartPro still has difficulties in the process of registering Brandname, so it has trusted to cooperate with VietGuys with the desire to send customers information about new products and services via SMS Fixed. SmartPro's goal with this service is to reduce expenses while maintaining consistent message quality.

Set Goals

SmartPro made the following requirements for this campaign:

  • Ensure the quality of sending messages is stable and down to high users.
  • Save costs when using SMS Fixed.

Deployment strategy

The specific direction that VietGuys SMS staff has set out:

  • Maintain stable level and message sending rate of SMS Fixed service.


  •  End users stably receive notification messages
  •  Customers save costs