PHARMACITY places a high value on customer health and contentment, so in order to assist them, the company has partnered with VietGuys to offer SMS Brandname service paired with Voice OTP for the aim of monitoring and measuring customer status.

Campaign Result

OTP messages are sent in a month

User experience when OTP authentication is required

Cost of sending messages to customer service and advertisement

Business issue

PHARMACITY cannot be overlooked as a pioneer in the field of pharmaceutical retail with a modern and convenient chain model. PHARMACITY has been a leader in the field of digital transformation for over ten years, concentrating on intelligent data to increase convenience and customer experience.

PHARMACITY wants to be able to track the open rate of SMS customer service messages delivered to customers, based on the criterion of putting the interests and experiences of customers first. Thus, it's possible to keep track of the status of customers who are interested in the brand, and so raise brand awareness.

The combination of an SMS Brandname service with a Voice OTP is a near-indispensable partnership for firms looking to promote their brands. At VietGuys, not only does the brand name shown on every message sent to customers, but the company can also track and measure the rate at which messages are received and opened periodically.

Set Goals

A specific destination always helps campaigns run in the right direction and achieve the best results, so the results that PHARMACITY wants to achieve are:

  • It is possible to track the percentage of people viewing the message content.
  • Ensure the security of transactions by sending OTP messages for account registration, login verification, updating pin code, password, phone number, bank account, transaction verification, payment...
  • Make sure the OTP message is correct so that customers have the best purchasing experience.
  • Increase the user experience through promotions, periodic surveys.
  • Enhance brand awareness to users.
  • Increase security, avoid cases of information theft

Deployment strategy

To reach the destination that PHARMACITY has planned, the SMS Brandname team of VietGuys has oriented this campaign as follows:

  • The system is set up to automatically switch backup sending channels, in order to avoid risky situations when sending messages, improve the rate of users receiving OTP messages, and effectively control costs.
  • VGs support good prices for customers so that customers can pour more output.
  • Ensure the sending rate and the probability of receiving OTP messages are improved.