Hoa Sen invested a lot of effort in trying to come up with a solution to the aforementioned challenge in order to maintain justice and avoid fraud in winning lottery numbers. As a result, Hoa Sen and VietGuys have teamed up to deploy a lucky draw in the form of a Mobile Solution.

Campaign Result

Successfully organize a prize drawing of tens of thousands of prizes with the price of up to VND 20 billion

Customers successfully receive top-up

Program and anti-cheat work well

Business issue

After 17 years of establishment and development, from a small private joint stock company with an initial charter capital of VND 30 billion, Hoa Sen Group has become No. 1 steel and iron manufacturing and trading business in Vietnam and the leading exporter of corrugated iron and steel in Southeast Asia. Hoa Sen Group presently operates 11 large factories and a network of more than 400 distribution - retail branches around the country. The company's products are sold to 75 countries and territories around the world.

Hoa Sen's problem for VietGuys this time is

  • To implement a winning lottery program for agents and distributors, with various prizes for each of these objects.
  • While also developing a winning lottery tool.
  • Through the Mobile Solution service, it is possible to participate in numerous ways, and awards must be controlled dynamically each period to eliminate fraud and maintain fairness for all participants.

Set Goals

Hoa Sen's expectations in this program:

  • Build prize management system and winning lottery tool.
  • With winning prizes, customers will receive the money within 24 hours.
  • Develop an effective reward monitoring mechanism.

Deployment strategy

  • Brainstorm ideas for program implementation and build winning lucky draw tools.
  • Plan monitoring to prevent fraud and ensure fairness for attendees.
  • During the operation, always monitor the program and change the monitoring rule to suit the actual situation.
  • Organize an offline drawing at the end of the program with the participation of media agencies and representatives of distributors and agents.