Dai Phat Group aims to reach potential customers from a variety of outlets as part of its expansion and development. As a result, VietGuys and Dai Phat Group's collaboration in deploying the OTT Messaging service will assist businesses in meeting their current needs.

Campaign Result

Costs are saved

Brand awareness of Dai Phat Group

Potential customers on 2 platforms SMS and Viber

Business issue

Dai Phat Group's predecessor is Dai Phat Real Estate Development Consulting Joint Stock Company. Currently, Dai Phat Group is participating in the following fields:

  • Real estate investment and development
  • Distributing health protection technology products
  • Media and press
  • Distribution of Japanese customer goods

In the context of the real estate market's general expansion, Dai Phat is also competing for possible customer sources. To do so, organizations must increase customer communication channels. Dai Phat Group cannot overlook the message channel as a high-potential channel. When it came to VietGuys, Dai Phat Group stated that they expected the service to reduce expenses and allow them to deliver information from the brand to customers through a variety of channels.


Set Goals

Through brief research about the enterprise as well as many days of exchange and discussion, VietGuys and Dai Phat Group have set the goal of cooperation towards reaching customers by various different means with the most optimal cost according to the initial expectations that Dafa Group shared.


VietGuys Strategy

Approach customers from multiple sources with optimal cost

VietGuys began deploying Mobile Marketing solutions using the Viber-Messaging (OTT-SMS) service after consulting and negotiating an agreement. This is a solution that combines two sorts of messages: Viber messages and SMS Brandname messages, allowing businesses to fully utilize both types of messages when executing SMS Marketing campaigns and reach the widest possible audience at the lowest possible cost.

To support Dai Phat Group, VietGuys has used the OTT service combining sending Viber messages and SMS Brandname.

  • Messages from Dai Phat Group's brand will be transmitted to users on two very potential messaging channels: SMS and Viber.
  • Using OTT service from VietGuys ensures that customers' interests will be optimized for costs.
  • Dai Phat Group can also expand to reach customers from many different sources with only phone numbers as data.