The leading technological company in Vietnam, striving to maintain its position in the hearts of its customers. Samsung chose to give rewards based on the Topup model paired with SMS Brandname because of its coverage. Put your faith in VietGuys; the company has implemented the program and what outcomes have they achieved?

Campaign Result

Successful Topup rate

Top-ups on each award campaign

Program implementation.

Business issue

When it comes to the fields of high technology and electronic consumption, specifically mobile phones, TVs, and home appliances, it will be a mistake not to mention the "big man" named Samsung Vietnam. With 12 years of operation and development, Samsung Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd. has created jobs for more than 100,000 different workers. It can be said that not only helps Vietnam's economy grow, the company also provides job opportunities for many workers in the country.

But in order to add "weight" to the customer file, Samsung wants to deploy a program to help them gain more customer information, and to understand the portrait so that they can take better care of customers. This is also the purpose for the birth of the program “S+ Rewards” and “Gift on top” combined with SMS Brandname service.

Samsung's actions as a huge corporation are also careful. Samsung chose to pay via SMS brandname rather than a number generated by the telcos (6067, 6089, etc.) while establishing the reward program. This step aids Samsung in re-establishing brand recognition among customers.

Rewarding service - Topup, which provides ease, quickness, and reduces risk for both partners and customers. This smart solution allows Samsung to easily generate statistics on reports such as real-time reports via API, periodic reports via email, successful and unsuccessful Topup reports, and so on.

Set Goals

As a "big man" in the industry, Samsung always sets specific goals for the program to be successfully implemented:

  • Implement the program “S+ Rewards” and the program “Gift on top”.
  • Ensure 100% Top-up order is executed successfully.
  • Detailed report right after each Topup is done successfully.

Deployment idea

Samsung's reward program has been implemented by the VietGuys E-reward team in the form of Topup mixed with SMS Brandname. In accordance with Samsung's objectives, the VietGuys team has directed the execution as follows:

  • Deploy the Topup manual form through requests sent directly by email from Samsung.
  • Conduct direct top-up combined with failover scratch card codes by SMS Brandname “SAMSUNG” with face value of 200,000 VND.

Follow up and troubleshoot cases where customer feedback does not receive Top-up, ensuring 100% customers successfully receive top-up.