Sea Group has entrusted VietGuys to fulfill the desire of optimizing expenses in SMS services both to customers and internally. Sea Group is looking for replies from VietGuys that ensure security, speed, and efficiency, so what was the end outcome of this problem?

Campaign Result

OTP messages out of total SMS sent

Costs are saved for OTP and internal messaging activities

User satisfaction when experiencing using verification services that need OTP verification

Business issue

Sea Group, is one of the fastest growing technology companies in Vietnam, operating in the fields of e-sports, e-commerce and online entertainment. Shopee (e-commerce), Airpay (e-wallet), Garena (e-sports), Ocha (POS solution), and Foody are some of SEA's most well-known products (Culinary news platform).

The cost problem is even more carefully handled when dealing with a huge company in the Internet-based service market like Sea Group. To help Sea Group solve the difficult problem of cost and document requirements when registering for SMS Brandname, SMS Fixed, Voice OTP VietGuys has planned to deploy to support Sea Group.

Set Goals

To initially create a trust for Sea Group, the SMS Brandname staff of VietGuys have set the following goals:

  • Ensure the security of transactions by sending OTP messages for account registration, login verification, updating pin code, password, phone number, bank account, transaction verification, payment...
  • Ensure the sending time and the highest success rate.
  • Save costs when using SMS Fixed service to notify internal information.
  • Improve user experience.
  • Add backup option via VoiceOTP channel.

Deployment strategy

To achieve the planned goals, there should be specific directions as follows:

  • Combine Voice OTP and SMS Brandname OTP, based on an intelligent algorithm to determine the flexible sending channel, helps to ensure the success rate and effective cost control.
  • Use SMS Fixed to send notifications to customers.