Individuals and brokerage businesses must have efficient customer outreach tools to win in the increasingly competitive real estate market. As a result, VietGuys and an individual brokerage customer at Bao Loc real estate had the opportunity to work together and use the Online Ads advertising service as a highly effective instrument to "close a sale" on a large number of potential investors and customers.

Campaign Result

Customers close the contract of Bao Loc land project

Number of potential customers learning about the project

Various important data information from potential customers

Business Issue

Bao Loc is one of Lam Dong province's most expensive and fertile cities. As a result, land fever here becomes a commercial opportunity for brokers. If the broker does not approach customers fast and persuade them to invest, other brokers will arrive to take their place. That's why VietGuys was invited to use a personal brokerage's advertising services in order to compete and reach a large number of potential real estate investment consumers.

When they first came to VietGuys, brokerage customers from Bao Loc real estate talked about how tough it was to discover potential customers and how they struggled to reach the correct target customers in order to boost their capacity to close deals.


Set Goals

A goal is required for any effective campaign. With this in mind, VietGuys and brokerage customers established 10 contracts for the Bao Loc land project as goals for the next real estate campaign. This is a difficult goal for a freelance agent to achieve in the face of severe competition in the real estate industry. As a result, VietGuys has accompanied to assist individuals in achieving their objectives.


VietGuys Strategy

Display ads - An effective tool to reach customers

With a specified target orientation, VietGuys consulted and decided to employ the Zalo platform's Online Ads service. VietGuys' online advertising service is a way to get target customers' attention while they're on social media, listening to music, watching movies, or using an app.

VietGuys has implemented the Zalo Ads advertising arrangement to fit the product and provide the optimum result. This advertising method is appropriate for reaching target requirements while also being very effective for individual brokers when:

  • Fast form loading speed will be convenient to approach customers and their experience.
  • Convenient for customers when all information can be automatically entered into the form.
  • Increase the cost-optimized conversion rate for businesses or stores because customers can easily register if needed.
  • Handle problems when sending broadcast messages, customers can read the article and fill in information easily. Increase conversion rates when sending bulk messages.