VIETGUYS | 13/04/2022

Trong trận Bán kết cuộc thi Strategist Pro - Bản lĩnh nhà Quản trị, 11 đội thi đã tận dụng tối đa 8 phút quý báu để thuyết phục các Ban Giám khảo theo cách riêng của mình và để lại nhiều dấu ấn vô cùng ấn tượng.

In the Semi-Final match of the “Strategist Pro - The Fortitude of an Administrator” competition, 11 teams made every second of 8 minutes count to convince the judges in their own different way and left many incredible impressions.
cuộc thi bản lĩnh nhà quản trị📍You can find out more details about the contest here:

During the contest, Dr. Dinh Mong Kha (Kha Dinh) - CEO of VietGuys has shared extremely valuable and highly practical experience, VietGuys hopes that 11 teams can expand their new vision in administration and apply it effectively to the next stage of the competition as well as their career in the future.

Regardless of the results, all the teams have worked really hard and they will definitely receive the most worthy results for these efforts. VietGuys wish they always keep their passion for administration and constantly become a better version of themselves.

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