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Recently, VietGuys has received a lot of questions from its customers surrounding the topic of why sent emails are spammed or how to make more emails reach the inbox?

The success of an email marketing campaign hinges on one fundamental factor: your emails reaching your recipients' inboxes. There's nothing more frustrating than crafting a compelling email only to have it relegated to the dreaded spam folder. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons behind email deliverability issues and explore strategies to optimize your email marketing campaigns effectively.

Understanding Why Emails Land in Spam Folders

Let's start by dissecting some common factors that cause emails to be marked as spam:

Lack of Domain Authentication (SPF Record, DKIM)

Authentication mechanisms like SPF and DKIM are vital for identifying forged emails. They establish the credibility of outgoing emails by verifying the sender's domain. If your domain lacks proper SPF or DKIM configuration, especially when sending from free email addresses, your emails are at a higher risk of being flagged as spam.

Domain Blacklisting

One common reason for email issues is having your domain blacklisted by Email Service Providers (ESPs) or Internet Service Providers (ISPs). This often occurs when your domain is frequently reported as spam. Additionally, sharing a server or IP address with a known spam source can lead to your email being blacklisted.

IP Address Reputation

Even a single email from your organization, sent by an individual or group within the company, can cause problems if recipients mark it as spam. Such incidents can adversely affect the reputation of your server's IP address, leading to email placement in spam folders.

Reasons why emails fall into spam

Sending Frequency

Sending emails to a large number of accounts in a short time frame can trigger spam alerts. Email providers like Gmail might interpret this as intentional spamming. To avoid this, be mindful of the frequency at which you send emails to your customers.

Poor Quality Email Lists

Sending emails to non-existent or irrelevant email addresses, unknown sources, or recipients who don't match your target audience significantly increases the chances of your emails being flagged as spam.

Unsubscribed Users

Recipients who have unsubscribed from your emails should be respected. If they continue receiving irrelevant content, they may mark your emails as spam. This can result in account locks, domain reputation damage, and blacklisting.

Spam-Indicative Email Content

Email content with keywords resembling common spam triggers (e.g., heavy promotions, huge discounts, price lists) can lead to spam classification. Overly large email sizes or non-standard email marketing practices can also contribute to this issue.

The above issues can result in your emails being marked as spam or placed in recipients' junk folders. To tackle these problems and enhance your email delivery rate, consider the following strategies from VietGuys:

Ways to help increase Email to Inbox rate

To increase the rate of emails entering the Inbox, businesses need to:

  • Configure complete domain authentication (e.g., SPF, DKIM).
  • Choose an IP address with a strong reputation.
  • Invest in a reliable email server to ensure email stability.
  • Craft email titles and content that avoid spam-associated keywords.
  • Tailor emails to specific customer segments rather than mass sending. Regularly clean your email list to remove dead or irrelevant addresses.
  • Opt for a reputable email delivery provider.

In striving to assist our customers in the effective execution of Email Marketing campaigns, VietGuys stands out as the preferred choice for businesses due to the following compelling reasons:

  • Trusted Email Servers: VietGuys leverages a robust Email Marketing system hosted on servers provided by industry-leading partners, including Mailchimp, Amazon, Sendgrid, and Elastic. These renowned servers are recognized as the best in the industry, ensuring unparalleled stability and enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Exceptional IP Reputation: We exclusively utilize international, highly esteemed IP addresses with an outstanding reputation score of 98/100. This strategic approach significantly elevates the likelihood of your emails successfully landing in recipients' inboxes.
  • Rigorous Data Quality Measures: VietGuys implements a comprehensive two-tier data filtering mechanism to guarantee data quality for our valued customers. This approach proactively mitigates the risk of domain names falling into the dreaded blacklist.
VietGuys is a reliable Email Marketing provider.

Armed with these distinct advantages, VietGuys aspires to empower businesses with the tools and resources required to elevate their quality scores, combat email spam, and foster the development of optimal technical infrastructures for Email Service Providers (ESPs) like Gmail.

If you're encountering issues with email spam or an ineffective Email Marketing campaign, explore VietGuys' Email Marketing solution for a potential resolution here.

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