VIETGUYS | 06/10/2023

VietGuys is very honored to accompany GrowTik in the event "The power of analytical technology and business management systems in e-commerce" and bring an extremely new way of reaching customers for online businesses. Online and e-commerce are the main interactive channels of The Master Channel.

VietGuys partnered with GrowTik in the successful event "Power of analytical technology and business management system in e-commerce," which attracted a substantial participation of business leaders and managers in the e-commerce industry. 

The event featured speakers who are experts in marketing, technology, and e-commerce, sharing insights into the latest industry trends, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud technologies, and effective data analysis solutions for businesses.

VietGuys joins Growtik's event
DR. Dinh Mong Kha - CEO VietGuys at GrowTik's event

VietGuys introduced an innovative approach to reaching customers for online and e-commerce businesses: The Master Channel. This main interactive channel is designed to connect and regularly engage with online customers, filling the gap that arises in comparison to offline stores where in-person consultations and clear customer reactions are more straightforward.

Dr. Dinh Mong Kha, CEO of VietGuys, highlighted the importance of having a key interactive channel like The Master Channel and a data platform like PangoCDP for online businesses. This combination allows businesses to collect and analyze customer data, helping them gain insights into their customer base and better understand their customers.

The Master Channel
DR. Dinh Mong Kha - CEO VietGuys introduces "The Master Channel" concept

Dr. Dinh Mong Kha explained, "With The Master Channel, businesses only need to focus on building a primary interaction channel based on a popular Super App platform (such as Zalo, Momo, etc.) combined with a customer data platform. Other interactive channels can direct customers to The Master Channel to provide the best experiences at optimal costs."

The Master Channel not only facilitates interactions through content and images but also offers special experiences. One such experience demonstrated at the event was the Gamification feature with the AR Shooter game.

Experience the Master Channel
Participants experience the AR Shooter game on The Master Channel, here it is Zalo

This experience gives participants a clearer view of The Master Channel and how PangoCDP collects user data and reports in real time from the moment they start interacting with businesses through games.

AR Shooter
AR Shooter is just one of the exciting experiences on The Master Channel

Additionally, the event covered various other intriguing topics related to e-commerce, such as optimizing advertising on TikTok Shop, enhancing Key Opinion Customers (KOC) booking effectiveness with data analysis systems from companies like Pharmatech, and case studies on selecting the right channels and targeting the right KOC.

This event aimed to help businesses recognize the limitless potential that technology and data analysis bring to the e-commerce sector, offering practical solutions to apply effectively in their operations.

If you're involved in digital business, e-commerce, and are interested in The Master Channel and PangoCDP, you can contact VietGuys for more information:

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