VIETGUYS | 25/10/2023

Zalo ZNS Template is a convenient service that helps brands communicate and take care of customers effectively through the Zalo channel. Let's learn about this service with VietGuys through the following article.

Zalo ZNS Template offers a convenient solution for brands to communicate and effectively care for their customers through the popular Zalo channel. In today's Vietnamese digital landscape, Zalo is a highly favored social network with a massive user base. But what exactly is the Zalo ZNS Template, and how can it revolutionize customer care strategies for businesses? Join us as we explore this innovative service provided by VietGuys.

Understanding the Zalo ZNS Template Service

Zalo is a leading social network in Vietnam, boasting over 74 million regular users who exchange approximately 1.7 billion messages every day. This active user base makes Zalo an ideal platform for businesses to engage and support their customers, especially when traditional text messaging falls short of expectations.

Zalo ZNS Template service sends customer care notifications without the customer clicking Follow Zalo OA.

The Zalo ZNS Template, integrated into Zalo's Official Account (OA) solution, empowers businesses to execute successful customer care campaigns. ZNS, short for Zalo Notification Service, enables companies to send customer care notifications through Zalo's API to phone numbers, without requiring customers to 'Follow' the Zalo Official Account of the business.

How Businesses Utilize Zalo ZNS Template

Zalo ZNS Template serves various purposes for businesses, including:

Businesses can apply a variety of customer care scenarios through Zalo ZNS.
  • Order Status Notifications: Keeping customers informed about their order status.
  • Notification of Account Changes: Alerting users about changes in their accounts.
  • Class Schedule Updates: Notifying students or trainees about class schedule modifications.
  • Promotional Information: Sharing details about promotions and related events.
  • Personalized Codes: Providing customers with unique personalized codes.
  • Reminders for Loyalty Programs: Sending reminders to loyal customers about their accumulated points and redeemable gifts.

The Advantages of Zalo ZNS Template for Businesses

Here are six key advantages that the Zalo ZNS Template offers to businesses

Expanded Reach

Unlike traditional methods that rely on users actively engaging with a business's Zalo OA, the Zalo ZNS Template allows messages to be sent to a broader audience via phone numbers. This capability extends communication to over 74 million Zalo users.

Diverse Message Content

Zalo ZNS enables businesses to craft compelling, colorful content, including tables, images, and Call to Action (CTA) buttons. It also supports the inclusion of business logos.

Zalo ZNS Template helps save more than 40% cost compared to SMS.

Interactive Engagement

The service encourages two-way interactions between businesses and customers, facilitated by CTA buttons.

Detailed Metrics

Zalo ZNS provides comprehensive reports on message delivery, customer reception, and identifies phone numbers not using Zalo. This data empowers businesses to accurately measure their marketing campaign's effectiveness.


Zalo Notification Service prioritizes information security through protocols like HTTPS for secure data transmission, AES data encryption for safeguarding information, and Access Tokens following OpenAPI standards.

Cost Savings

Compared to SMS, Zalo OA's ZNS allows for longer messages with higher interactivity, all at a lower cost. The price for sending a successful ZNS message is approximately 200 VND, with no limits on the frequency of monthly content sent.

Registering for Zalo ZNS Template

To begin using the Zalo ZNS Template, businesses must have a Zalo Official Accounts account. The registration process involves the following steps:

  • Register with VietGuys for ZNS messaging.
  • Select the target phone numbers for message delivery.
  • Choose the Zalo OA channel for sending messages to customers, which displays the business's name.
  • Select a message template registered with Zalo.
  • Pick the recipient list, either manually or via Excel file import.
  • Set the message sending time.
  • Opt for redirection, which redirects unsuccessful ZNS messages to SMS Brandname or SMS Fixed from VietGuys, ensuring a higher message delivery rate.
  • Complete the process by clicking 'Send.'

In case of any issues during implementation, businesses can reach out to VietGuys for timely support via hotline at 028.730.080.27 or 0933.331.840.

Why Choose VietGuys

With a track record of deploying Mobile Marketing solutions for over 5,000 domestic and foreign brands, including the Zalo ZNS Template, VietGuys stands as a trustworthy partner for executing successful and effective customer care campaigns on Zalo.

Key Considerations for Zalo ZNS Template Usage

When using the Zalo ZNS Template, businesses need to adhere to the following regulations stipulated by Zalo:

Content of ZNS Messages

  • Messages must refrain from advertising products or services and should contain at least one specific parameter (e.g., customer name, order code, amount, etc.). 
  • OTP content must specify the name of the website or app utilizing the OTP.
  • Must register a template to send messages.

ZNS Message Sending Time

  • Messages should not be sent more than seven days before or after the date of the associated event.
  • Message sending is restricted to the hours between 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. daily, except for OTP messages.
  • Special requests outside these hours will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Frequency of Sending ZNS Messages

Messages should be sent only once per status change between businesses and customers.

Zalo ZNS content must not advertise products or services.

Recipient Eligibility

  • ZNS messages should be dispatched exclusively to recipients who have previous transaction history with the business and have consented to provide their phone numbers.
  • The only exception to this rule is OTP messages for customers creating new accounts.

This article has outlined the Zalo ZNS Template service as a powerful solution for businesses looking to enhance their customer care strategies via the Zalo platform. With its extensive reach, diverse content capabilities, interactive engagement features, detailed reporting, security measures, cost savings, and support from VietGuys, this service offers a comprehensive toolkit for delivering effective customer care through Zalo.

However, it's essential for businesses to operate within Zalo's guidelines regarding message content, timing, frequency, and recipient eligibility. By adhering to these regulations, businesses can make the most of the Zalo ZNS Template and deliver outstanding customer care experiences.

For any further inquiries about this service, businesses are encouraged to contact VietGuys through the following channels:

  • Address: T Floor, 456 Hai Ba Trung, Tan Dinh, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Email:
  • Hotline: (028) 73008027 - 0933.331.840