VIETGUYS | 25/10/2023

Customer data is the bedrock of successful business operations. Harnessing this valuable resource equips businesses with insights into customer habits, preferences, and behaviors, essential for launching effective Marketing and Sales campaigns. Yet, the task of collecting and managing data across multiple channels and diverse departments can be a daunting challenge. 

Here, we delve into how PangoCDP, or Customer Data Platform, presents a compelling solution to these issues, offering businesses a trusted means to unlock their potential.

The Customer Data Dilemma

In the present landscape, businesses grapple with several substantial challenges regarding customer data, including:

Data Fragmentation

A wealth of data, often fragmented and segregated across various systems, departments, and channels, can create substantial hurdles. The emergence of Omni Channel customer care only compounds the complexity.

Data Integration

Mismatched data storage systems, various data formats (including proprietary government-specified formats), and distinct methods of data collection pose significant hurdles to data integration. This translates to a time-consuming and error-prone process.

Data Security

The decentralized nature of data collection and storage increases the risk of data leakage and loss, emphasizing the need for secure and efficient data management.

PangoCDP steps in as the solution to address these challenges. But what exactly is PangoCDP and how does it benefit businesses?

Exploring PangoCDP

Firstly, let's decipher the acronym CDP. CDP stands for Customer Data Platform and was coined by David Raab in 2013. By 2018, this term had gained widespread acceptance, particularly within the realms of Marketing and Technology.

PangoCDP embodies the core features of a CDP system. It serves as a unified platform that brings together customer data from both online and offline touchpoints, consolidating it into a single repository. This consolidation results in comprehensive, meaningful data that serves as the foundation for providing customers with consistent, targeted, contextually relevant experiences across various channels. This data-driven approach is instrumental for businesses looking to ensure sustainable growth.

PangoCDP is a collaborative product developed by ByteTech and supported by VietGuys. ByteTech spearheads the ownership and development of the product system, while VietGuys takes the lead in introducing PangoCDP to interested customers, making it part of ByteTech's broader ecosystem of solutions.

To be clear:

  • PangoCDP does not supply data; it serves as a platform for gathering and managing a business's existing data sources. 
  • The adoption of PangoCDP can have a direct impact on sales efficiency.

How PangoCDP Resolves Data Challenges

PangoCDP empowers businesses to:

  1. Centralize Data: It consolidates data from all customer interactions, whether they occur online or offline, into a secure repository.
  2. Standardize Data: PangoCDP streamlines data by matching individual customer identities across systems and databases. This creates a consistent and accurate customer profile, offering a 360-degree view of each customer.
  3. Real-time Segmentation: The platform offers robust, real-time customer segmentation. This enables businesses to formulate appropriate strategies for different customer segments, all within the platform. Omnichannel Communication: Businesses can use these segments to reach out to customers via various channels, such as Facebook, Google ads, or directly through Email, SMS, Zalo, and Viber.
  4. Integrated Connections: PangoCDP comes preloaded with over 20 connections to popular digital channels. This frees marketers from dependency on external service providers, giving them direct control over customer interactions.
  5. Marketing Automation: Building on analyzed data, PangoCDP facilitates the creation of automated follow-up scripts, aiding in the personalization of content for effective customer outreach.
  6. Comprehensive Analytics: The platform offers detailed analysis reports encompassing everything from Marketing to Sales.

In summary, PangoCDP enhances customer experiences in line with contextual relevance. Most importantly, it grants businesses complete control over customer experiences and digital marketing. PangoCDP is a robust tool, custom-tailored to empower businesses.

Implementing PangoCDP for Your Business

Before diving into PangoCDP, businesses should address three fundamental questions:

  • Goals: What are the specific objectives you aim to accomplish using PangoCDP?
  • Data Sources: Which data sources are you looking to aggregate into PangoCDP?
  • Capabilities: What are your strategies for using PangoCDP effectively?

The desired outcome will depend on your business goals, whether they pertain to customer interaction, revenue, resource efficiency, or other key performance indicators. On average, businesses can expect a significant increase in results, ranging from 25% to 300%.

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