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SMS Marketing is when you use SMS to promote products and services or take care of customers to get orders and profits.

Have you ever received promotional SMS messages regarding products, services, special offers, or even a personalized birthday greeting from a brand? This is the essence of SMS Marketing, where businesses engage with customers through SMS (Short Message Service). This article provides insights into how to harness SMS Marketing effectively for business growth.

The Value of SMS Marketing

Direct Reach to Target Audience

SMS offers a direct channel to your audience, requiring nothing more than their phone numbers. The success rate of delivering messages through SMS surpasses many other forms of communication, particularly those reliant on an internet connection. For instance, to send a message via platforms like Viber, it's essential to ensure that customers are not only users of the platform but also have a stable internet connection.

High Open and Read Rates up to 98%

SMS Marketing boasts a remarkable advantage in terms of open and read rates. In an era where most people prefer messaging via social networks due to convenience and cost-effectiveness, inboxes are often inundated with messages from brands, friends, and family.

High open and read rate of messages.

This means your message has a mere 3 seconds to grab the recipient's attention; otherwise, it risks being lost among countless others. With SMS, the open and read rate can soar as high as 98% (according to a research from Arcep, Médiamétrie and, a substantial advantage for swiftly connecting with customers.

Stability in Costs

Unlike various forms of advertising that engage in competitive bidding, SMS is cost-effective and stable. The cost per SMS message is fixed and regulated by network operators. Depending on the volume and network provider, costs can range from 150 VND to 500 VND.

How Many Types of SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing encompasses two main types:

SMS Brandname - Brand Message

In this format, the sender's section displays the brand name rather than a typical phone number. This approach enhances credibility and augments brand promotional effectiveness. Customers immediately recognize the sender, resulting in better brand recall. To employ SMS Brandname, registering the brand name is a prerequisite.

SMS with Regular Number

In contrast, businesses can utilize any phone number for SMS Marketing, or opt for a fixed number such as 6067. Compared to SMS Brandname, registering SMS prefixes for this approach is simpler and faster, as it doesn't require brand name registration. However, it may not achieve the same reputation and effectiveness as SMS Brandname.

Six Strategies for Leveraging SMS Marketing for Businesses

  1. Introduce New Products and Services: Businesses can send SMS messages to introduce new products and services, along with information on trial locations if available. This strategy entices potential customers to explore the offerings.
  2. Notify of Promotions and Discounts: Send SMS messages to notify customers about promotions, provide discount codes, or remind them of ongoing promotional periods. This prompts customers to engage with your products or services.
  3. Appointment and Order Confirmation: In specific industries, employing SMS for appointment notifications, order confirmations, or delivery updates enhances convenience for customers.
  4. Send OTP Codes: Given SMS's high security, many banks and financial institutions use it to dispatch OTP (One-Time Password) codes. This authentication method ensures account security and data accuracy.
  5. Customer Care: SMS serves as an effective channel for customer interaction and care. Express gratitude, send birthday wishes, or develop loyalty programs tailored to valued customers, thereby strengthening customer connections.
  6. Conduct Surveys and Gather Feedback: Businesses can employ SMS to survey customers' opinions post-purchase or after experiencing a service. Demonstrating genuine interest in customers' thoughts and reviews reinforces the brand's commitment to improving products and services, fostering customer loyalty.
How to use SMS Marketing for businesses

In summary, SMS Marketing offers a potent channel for engaging with customers. While these six strategies are effective, businesses seeking diversified forms of messaging can explore the Zalo ZNS Template sending service. This approach facilitates rapid customer reach, requiring only a phone number while overcoming SMS limitations in terms of character count and media inclusion.

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