VIETGUYS | 25/10/2023

Taking advantage of special occasions like Tet (the Vietnamese Lunar New Year) to send interactive messages to customers is a common practice for businesses. 

However, with many brands vying for customers' attention during this time, it's essential to stand out. This is where SMS Brandname comes into play.

Why Use SMS Brandname for Your Tet Campaign?

SMS Brandname is a service that displays the sender's information using the brand's name instead of a random phone number.

A research from OpenMarket, 2019  has shown that SMS messages containing brand names are more likely to be opened and engaged with by customers compared to messages from regular numbers. 

This enhances your ability to reach and interact with potential customers and boosts brand promotion.

Steps for a Successful Tet Campaign with SMS Brandname

Identify the right customer group in the Tet campaign

Tet is a typical holiday of Vietnamese people and is considered an opportunity for family members to reunite and gather together after a long, busy year. To target the right customers for the Tet campaign, businesses first need to consider which audience's needs their products/services will meet during Tet.

For example, food stores, electronics supermarkets, and household appliances will mainly target women because they tend to care a lot about cooking, cleaning, and decorating the house during Tet. Meanwhile, wine and beer brands will often target men because they will tend to eat, drink, and socialize with friends during Tet.

Convey valuable messages, reaching customers

No one wants to receive and read a message from a brand with content that is too long and drawn out. Valuable content is concise and conveys the information the recipient wants to hear. Businesses need to understand consumers' preferences, needs, and habits to convey concise, focused, and relevant messages. To understand customers, a PangoCDP data platform will make business processes easier and more accurate.

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Search for a quality SMS Brandname sending service provider

Being careful in choosing a unit to deploy SMS Brandname for the Tet campaign is essential for the quality of message delivery. VietGuys, one of the TOP 5 leading SMS Brandname providers in Vietnam, has successfully implemented many projects for domestic and foreign brands.

VietGuys is also one of the few brands to receive the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Certificate, ensuring that customer data information is strictly managed. The technical support staff at VietGuys are well-trained and professional to handle customer problems 24/7.

Choosing VietGuys to deploy the SMS Brandname service for the Tet campaign ensures:

  • A high success rate in message delivery.
  • Time savings with an automatic system.
  • A real-time measurement and reporting system to quickly capture results and all customer interaction behaviors.

Important notes when using SMS Brandname service:

Test the message before sending

Businesses should test messaging to control possible risks and avoid appearing unprofessional in the eyes of customers.

Send messages at the right time

SMS Brandname messages for Tet campaigns should be sent at appropriate times (from 08:00 - 17:00) to avoid inconveniencing customers.

Note when using the service

Closely monitor operational efficiency

Businesses should monitor the campaign to promptly respond to incidents and assess its effectiveness.

Some reported results to pay attention to when implementing SMS Brandname for the Tet campaign:

  • Total number of messages sent.
  • Number of messages sent successfully.
  • Number of people viewing the message.
  • Number of people who clicked on the attached link and took subsequent action.
  • …..

By following these steps and taking advantage of SMS Brandname, businesses can effectively deploy their Tet campaigns, reaching the right audience and conveying valuable messages.

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