VIETGUYS | 06/10/2023

Representative of Zalo Mini App, Mr. Le Anh Tu - Senior Product Manager, officially announced that VietGuys and PangoCDP are the first and only two units to date to become solution partners of Zalo Mini App.

During the recent "Build and Nurture The Master Channel - Season 4" event, Mr. Le Anh Tu, Senior Product Manager representing Zalo Mini App, officially declared VietGuys and PangoCDP as the first solution partners of the Zalo Mini App to date.

This achievement stands as a significant milestone, underscoring VietGuys' relentless dedication to supporting businesses in fostering interactive and engaging customer experiences through "The Master Channel."

VietGuys - Solution partner of Zalo Mini App.
VietGuys and PangoCDP become one of the first solution partners of Zalo Mini App

VietGuys is an esteemed provider of Mobile Marketing Solutions, catering to over 5,000 domestic and international brands, including Pharmacity, Vietnam Airlines, Be Group, CGV, Grab, Shopee, Samsung, LG, and more. Furthermore, VietGuys proudly holds membership within Accrete Inc., a leading international SMS service gateway provider in Japan.

On the other hand, PangoCDP stands as the creator and developer of the PangoCDP customer data platform solution, designed to enable businesses to efficiently manage and leverage customer data for comprehensive customer engagement on "The Master Channel." This collaboration aims to bolster revenue growth and sustainable development.

Rooted in the shared aspiration to empower businesses in offering diverse, captivating, and convenient user experiences through the primary interactive channel, "The Master Channel," VietGuys, PangoCDP, and Zalo Mini App have joined forces to cultivate a Mini App ecosystem tailored for the FMCG, retail, and F&B industries.

Zalo Mini App constitutes an integral part of the Zalo Cloud ecosystem, housing applications developed and integrated within Zalo itself. Businesses have the freedom to craft unlimited Mini Apps for various purposes, encompassing ordering, shopping, payment processing, and customer care activities, including point accrual and loyalty programs.

Experience with Zalo Mini App
Build unlimited experiences on Zalo Mini App at optimal costs

By opting for a Zalo Mini App, enterprises stand to reduce costs considerably in comparison to developing a conventional Native App. This translates to diminished expenditures associated with assembling a team of software engineers, the expense of time – including opportunity costs incurred while awaiting app approvals on platforms like iOS and Android – and ongoing updates. Conversely, Mini Apps expedite the development process and ensure rapid availability for users.

Moreover, with over 74 million active users on Zalo, businesses benefit from streamlined access to a vast user base. This obviates the need for extensive user outreach and retention efforts, as Zalo users engage with the platform daily.

For users, Zalo Mini App offers a hassle-free and straightforward experience, requiring only two simple steps – such as scanning a QR Code or utilizing the search toolbar – to access and employ Mini Apps for an array of purposes, without necessitating individual app installations.

The convenience of this "All in One App" approach not only benefits businesses but also enhances the customer experience, allowing for the construction of interactive channels that are both effective and cost-efficient.

Capitalizing on the advantages of Zalo Mini App, coupled with the strategies and solutions offered by VietGuys and PangoCDP, our aim is to empower businesses in creating effective and optimized customer interaction channels.

Certificate of cooperation between VietGuys and Zalo Mini App.
Certificate of cooperation between VietGuys and Zalo Mini App

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Zalo Mini App for this recognition and look forward to a fruitful partnership with the prospect of achieving remarkable success together!

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