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The event "Build and Warm the Master Channel - Season 4: The Future That Has Been Seen" taking place on August 22, 2023, continued to make its mark by attracting more than 2,055 attendees along with many responses. Positive from businesses.

The "Build and Warm The Master Channel - Season 4: The Future That Has Been Seen" event, held on August 22, 2023, continued to leave a significant mark, drawing over 2,055 attendees and garnering enthusiastic responses from businesses.

The event united speakers from Zalo, VietGuys, and PangoCDP, offering insights into the trajectories of platforms such as WeChat, Line, and more, projected five years into the future. This forward-looking perspective assisted businesses in identifying similarities and valuable lessons to draw from. Subsequently, attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of how to construct The Master Channel using Zalo's toolkit, encompassing Zalo OA, Zalo ZNS, and Zalo Mini App.

The event was conducted creatively and colorfully on a virtual stage, delivering fresh and captivating experiences to viewers. It also provided attendees with opportunities to actively engage in DEMO campaigns, including the distribution of Sampling, Vouchers, and participation in scavenger hunts.

Let's delve into the noteworthy activities that unfolded during this event:

The Emergence of The Master Channel and the Glimpse into a Five-Year Future of Prominent Brands

In keeping with the flow of human civilization, channels of interaction between customers and businesses undergo continuous upgrades and development. In today's landscape, nearly every business endeavors to establish a presence on platforms frequently visited by their customers, such as TikTok, Facebook, Zalo, and others. This approach, referred to as Omni Channel, has been in vogue since the 2010s. However, implementing this strategy demands substantial resources and entails synchronization challenges, ultimately leading to inconsistent customer experiences.

Enter the concept of the primary interactive channel, "The Master Channel," which was introduced throughout the four seasons of the "Build and Warm The Master Channel" event. This concept is designed to guide businesses toward innovative directions in customer outreach and care while optimizing resources.

Dr. Dinh Mong Kha, CEO of VietGuys, underscored this approach, claimed that: "When businesses invest in The Master Channel, they consolidate their resources into a single primary channel, crafting superior customer experiences at reduced costs. Other channels then direct customers to "The Master Channel."

Build and Warm the Master Channel - Season 4
Dr. Dinh Mong Kha - CEO VietGuys shares about "The Master Channel" at the epic Virtual Stage event

The efficacy of The Master Channel has been validated through the five-year projection of renowned brands, including Haidilao, Coca Cola, and Nike, operating on the WeChat platform.

Mr. Zeng Guo Guang, former Head of Project Management at Gameloft in China, shared his experience as a regular WeChat user: “There is a comfort when I receive messages from these brands via WeChat OA because they are lively, colorful and do not force users to make a purchase. The transmitted content provides a friendly, SPAM-free experience. In addition, just opening the WeChat Mini Program allows me to shop, order and pay at any brand I like on just one platform, without having to install too many applications.”

The convenience and versatility of an "All in One App" application can offer many lessons when applied to businesses in Vietnam.

Zalo - The Optimal Platform for Crafting "The Master Channel"

In Vietnam, Zalo is a widely embraced application, boasting over 74 million regular users and facilitating more than 2 billion daily messages. The Zalo Cloud ecosystem offers a range of solutions to help businesses establish their key interactive channel, "The Master Channel," with customers effectively. This arsenal includes Zalo OA, Zalo ZNS, and Zalo Mini App.

Zalo OA and Zalo ZNS empower businesses to disseminate diverse content and engage in two-way interactions, all at a more cost-effective rate than traditional channels like SMS or email. Zalo Mini App, on the other hand, plays a pivotal role in enhancing the user experience, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Functions such as point accrual, gaming, Voucher exchanges, and order placements are seamlessly integrated.

Build The Master Channel with Zalo Cloud
Zalo - The perfect platform to build "The Master Channel"

Mr. Tu Le, Senior Product Manager of Zalo Mini App, highlighted: “Businesses can develop unlimited Mini Apps for different purposes at a more optimal cost than investing in building a regular Native App. For example, App building fees, advertising fees, attracting and then retaining users."

Zalo Mini App
Mr. Tu Le - Senior Product Manager Zalo Mini App clearly pointed out the differences between Mini App and Native App at the event

To enhance users' understanding of "The Master Channel" and its application in marketing activities, Mr. Lee Nguyen, CEO & Founder of ByteTech, and Dr. Dinh Mong Kha, CEO of VietGuys, conducted practical demonstrations during the virtual event. These demos showcased campaigns such as Sampling combined with Mini Games at supermarkets and Voucher distribution at coffee shops, providing attendees with deeper insights into real-world applications.

Sampling Distribution demos
Mr. Lee Nguyen - CEO & Founder ByteTech (first left) and Ms. Huyen Pham - Senior Business Solutions Manager Zalo Cloud (second left) during the Sampling demo at the supermarket
Voucher Distribution demos
A demo of a Voucher distribution campaign at a coffee shop combined with the game AR Shooter - Voucher Shooter creates excitement for participants

Towards the conclusion of the event, Dr. Dinh Mong Kha and the PangoCDP team also shared exciting news about their upcoming book: "The Master Channel - A Groundbreaking Approach to Growth and Customer Retention." This book serves as a compendium of knowledge and practical experience, designed to assist businesses in constructing effective interaction channels.

Once again, the "Build and Warm The Master Channel - Season 4: The Future That Has Been Seen" event, organized by the PangoCDP and VietGuys teams with the support of Zalo Cloud, generated buzz and confirmed the trend of constructing interactive channels through comprehensive platforms like Zalo.

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