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The most effective Online Marketing channels


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90 %

Brands are using the service

99.9 %

Remarketing ability


The most effective Online Marketing channels


Scripts are created and set up according to the Brand's requirements

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What is Online Ads ?

Simply Online Advertising is marketing activities on the Internet, not only taking place on the website but also via popular digital channels such as Social Media, Mobile Apps, Email, Google Search Engine, etc. Online Ads, at the same time, is the most POWERFUL method of marketing to maximize the ability to attract and closely connect with customers at present and in the future.

Online Advertising service at VIETGUYS currently offers 4 leading Online Marketing advertising tools, namely Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Zalo Ads, Viber Ads, which will help the message the brand wants to convey to customers to become closer, more sophisticated and effective in remarketing.

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Online Ads at VIETGUYS

Facebook, named the "billion-user" social network with the biggest number of users today, is a vital marketing tool for most large and small enterprises operating in a variety of industries in both the Vietnamese and global markets.

Facebook Advertising Service allows Brands to advertise products and services to users on Facebook due to the capacity to deliver advertising to the proper target audience such as students, office workers, etc....and segregated by age, interests, region, professions, positions, fields of interest...

Here are some of the most popular types of Facebook Ads campaigns today:

Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook Lead Ads is a method of ad that helps you collect leads from people who are interested in your products or services. Customers can use the Lead Generation tool by simply clicking on the ad and filling up a pre-built form collecting contact information (such as name, email address, phone number, etc.) Lead information will be sent immediately to the brand.

A few tips for using Facebook Lead Ads to help Brands increase conversion rates significantly:

  • Fill in the information form to receive trial product gifts from cosmetic brands
  • Offer promotion and product discounts on holidays and Tet to attract a larger number of customers
  • Sweepstakes
  • Join events
  • Pre-order products
  • Download documents and whitepaper
Facebook Lead Ads
Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads

Facebook Carousel (full name is Facebook Carousel Ads) is a type of carousel advertising on Facebook. Up to 3-5 photos, videos, CTAs, or links can be displayed in a single Facebook Carousel. In the Carousel advertising , each product will have its own name, description, and product association.

Boosted Page Posts (Promoted post)

Promoted Post is one of the most basic forms of Facebook advertising available today, assists in increasing the number of authors for the article and the Page's readers. Boosted Page Posts are suitable for business fields such as Fashion, cosmetics, real estate, beauty salons, spas, cuisine...

Boosted Page Posts (Quảng cáo bài viết)
Link Click Ads

Link Click Ads

Link Click Ads is a type of Facebook advertising that is integrated with the website. This form encourages customers to visit the brand's website and shop for products directly on the site, as well as promotes the website to a large number of customers. Link Click Ads also assist in increasing website traffic and improving the quality of a company's website on the Google platform.

Google is currently the search engine holding a unique position that almost no engine in the world can catch it up. At the same time, in Vietnam, up to 90% of internet users use Google to search for information about products/ services. Because of this, Google Ads was quickly used by most businesses to achieve 4 main goals:

  • Increase brand coverage on the Internet
  • Create a brand reputation
  • Attract more potential customers
  • Increase sales to the maximum

Because of Google Ads high effectiveness, VIETGUYS has incorporated it to the Online Marketing ecosystem to boost the value of services provided to businesses in 5 main ways:

Search Ads

Allowing brands to place adverts on the search results page at the precise moment when visitors are looking for keywords relating to the company's products and services.

Quảng cáo tìm kiếm
Quảng cáo hiển thị (GDN – Google Display Network)

Display Ads (GDN – Google Display Network)

The company's products and services will be shown as images on the Google display network's websites.

Google Ads Remarketing

The format of running advertising aids in obtaining the highest number of older conversion rate. Customers that visit the website and leave will be remarketed over time. These are people who could become potential customers. Furthermore, it will help advertisers to save up to 50% on Marketing costs.

Quảng cáo Remarketing (Quảng cáo tiếp thị lại trên Google)
Quảng cáo Video

Video Ads

When users visit youtube pages or sites that are partners of Google, they will see promotional videos running.

Google Shopping Ads

This method of advertising allows people to see information about a company's services in a short time, such as the name of the items and services, prices, sales website addresses, descriptions, and so on. The customer selects it and completes the transaction.

Each form will have its unique qualities, from the target to the appearance site, and from there, it will require different business preparations. When the Business works with the VietGuys staff team, the Business will be consulted in order to select and prepare the best measures.

Quảng cáo mua sắm (Google Shopping)

Among the many types of online marketing available today, Viber Ads is still a popular kind of advertising for many businesses. Viber Advertising is a valuable brand marketing option to assist businesses maintain their loyal customers, attract many new customers, and gain huge profits from this method of advertising.

As a result, VIETGUYS has seized those wonderful utilities in order to provide customers with an advertising solution on this massive messaging network with unmissable features.

Viber advertising will take the form of messaging or sending images depicting the company's products and services to customers, as well as promotions and discounts to contacts who are customers of the company. Customers will obtain reliable and rapidly information in this manner, without having to visit the company's website.

Some specific Viber Advertising programs that VIETGUYS has implemented for Brands:

  • Promote real estate platforms and combine them for customers to register to view model houses.
  • Develop programs to accumulate points and redeem gifts for newly launched products on the market.
  • Be offered promotions and discounts when customers buy large quantities of products.
  • Launch a series of community gaming events to receive various rewards including vouchers, scratch cards of many denominations, and invite relatives to participate to increase the number of game playing lives.
Viber Ads

With over 800 million messages sent per day, Zalo is currently the most popular OTT mobile application in Vietnam. This is a fertile ground for firms to exploit and reap the benefits of low-cost product advertising.

Individuals, businesses, and stores can use the Zalo Ads service to create advertising campaigns, target people, and manage ad templates. VIETGUYS is pleased to offer Zalo Ads services and to help to the company's successful and long-term growth.

When using Zalo Ads, Brands can:

  • Reach the right target customers to help increase revenue
  • Reduce marketing costs
  • Enhance brand awareness on online channels
  • Improve interaction on OA, drive traffic to website or landing page
  • Free to send product/ service/ news messages to customer service with OA Zalo

Zalo Ads , which is considered as highly efficient Online Marketing ads to most businesses in the fields of real estate, retail, cosmetics, clothing, children's fashion, restaurants, cafes, and household electricity, beauty salons, spas, ..., is deployed with a variety of scenarios including:

  • Promote high-end apartment projects located in the golden location of the city to high-income customers.
  • Be offered promotions to give gifts when customers introduce friends to use skincare services at Spa.
  • Launch an E-voucher promotion for food and drinks when visiting brand X's chain stores on Valentine's Day.
Zalo Ads

Advantages of Online Ads

  • Various ad formats (photos, videos, text,...)
  • Reach the right time, right message and right set of potential customers on 4 platforms Google, Facebook, Zalo, Viber.
  • Filter customers who want to reach a variety (demographic, geographic, income, device...)
  • Enhance brand awareness and easily retargeting to potential customers.
  • Wide brand coverage, increased order conversion rate.

5 performance metrics

  • Number of displays, clicks, views, interactions
  • Conversion metrics (CTR)
  • Number of customers approached
  • The channel has reached customers
  • Interaction time, number of interactions per customer

Why should businesses choose


Highlights of service quality

  • VietGuys have Online Ads implementation experience for a variety of fields such as real estate, electronics, technology, FMCG, hospitality, education,...
  • Access to update real-time results 24/7
  • Important performance metrics depend on KPI


  • Put prestige, honesty, and job responsibility at the top of the priority list to identify the most efficient and considerate manner to handle problems for customers.
  • Customers will be advised on solutions, and risks will be predicted and minimized by a team of professionals with extensive industry expertise.


  • Costs can be tailored to each customer's specific requirements.
  • Many CRM systems and other well-known platforms in the country and outside are compatible and integrated (Salesforce, Bitrix24, Zoho, Haravan, Sapo, Kiotviet..).
  • React promptly to market changes and take the initiative.


  • The purpose of VietGuys' long-term sustainable development is to accompany customers and partners.
  • VietGuys offers comprehensive and long-term solutions to all of customers' difficulties.


  • In the 4.0 age, customer data is a brand's most valuable asset. With the best technical standards that go hand in hand with ISO 27001:2013, VietGuys safeguards and protects such property.