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Developed in the era of AI technology, VGs AI Call Center service is proud to be a solution to approach and manage customers through thousands of automatic calls, which are optimized for efficiency. In particular, businesses can solve the problem of cost, time as well as the setup system becomes extremely simple.

1. VGs Smart IVR

VGs Smart IVR allows Brand to deliver messages to thousands of end users through automatic calls, the first application of text-to-speech technology in Vietnam. Besides, this new technical solution helps businesses to approach and interact with their customers, saving more than 70% in time and money, and improving the quality of customer service. 

Advantages of VGs Smart IVR service:

  • Build an automated campaign through uploading clients’ data, build call scripts and start an automated call in just 5 minutes.
  • Flexible scripts, personalized scenario built by automatic multi-layered buttons (press 1 to repeat, press 2 to meet the Customer Service …) and smart interaction with customers by voice sensing Contact like a real person with a personalized dialogue (name, item, time, address ..).
  • Artificial voice via Text To Speech technology, no recording required, region diversity and voice navigation when pressing the button in order to enhance customer experience.
  • Report visually, in real time details with information about call status, time of receiving call, call duration, customer information, which buttons that customers have pressed …
  • Easily deploy and connect via integrating into the Call Center system via API or using VGs Smart IVR already integrated with the Call Center platforms by creating an account at

FREE experience of VGs Smart IVR application at:

2. VGs AI Voicebot

AI Call Center platform with exclusive big data, machine learning, deep learning algorithms. Based on the behavior of interacting with the robot to give answers to meet the needs of customers, while being specialized in each category to bring outstanding efficiency.

VGs AI Voicebot becomes a powerful sales support tool for businesses with the following advantages:

  • Specialization to each industry makes it easy for businesses to build bot data for each profession in accordance with today’s business trends.
  • Outstanding efficiency, faster interaction, saving and optimizing resources of the business in terms of operating costs, time and personnel.
  • Optimal intelligence using “big data” and the most advanced AI algorithms to analyze and give correct answers.
  • Robots were trained to be intelligent in just 1 week with available data, interact directly with the trainer or learn from the actual call history.
  • Managing easily with a detailed and real-time reporting system for easy user monitoring.

FREE experience of VGs AI Voicebot service at: