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Viber-Messaging (OTT-SMS)

Viber-Messaging (OTT-SMS)

Viber Messaging (OTT-SMS) is a solution which combined two types of messaging: Viber and SMS brandname, that allow enterprises can take advantages of two types of messages to reach maximum target customers with optimal cost.

Some features of Viber Messaging (OTT-SMS):

  • Automatically check if end-users are available on Viber (using wifi; 3G/4G) to prioritize sending Viber messages. If sending via Viber application fails, the system will automatically send the message via Brandname SMS to ensure 100% of customers receive the information.
  • Allow to set different content for each channel, while also taking advantage of the two channels, and saving costs.
  • Sender name on Viber will have brand logo and be authenticated by Viber.
  • Length of messages on Viber up to 1,000 characters including unicode, animated images, rich media, and allows two-way interaction (click to download, click to buy, click to register…)
  • Save cost by 20-40%.
  • Report in real time with status: sent, viewed, click rate on link…