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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is one of the most popular mobile marketing tools. There are variety of SMS kinds with different quality and pricing. Here are some typical ones: 

1. SMS Brandname / Brandname SMS

SMS brandname is a SMS that directly deliver messages with Your Brand Name at the sender position instead of provider’s shortcode number.


  • Better brand awareness
  • Messages can be personalised to each recipient. For example “Dear Peter, your point in June is 345…”
  • Be able to set schedules for SMS batches or automatically to send SMS out on certain occasions like holidays, birthdays, etc.
  • Higher open rate
  • Most stable and reliability

Some scenarios:

  • Supermarkets want to send coupons for promotions, discounts … to loyal customers.
  • Banks send happy birthday messages, announce account balance to customers, notice interest, overdue debt, announce new service packages …
  • Enterprises send notice to their agents, Electricity Company, Internet Company, Water Company … can send monthly charge reminder to customers.
  • Postal companies express delivery, postal mail
  • Airlines announce e-ticket code, change flight time …

2. Numeric sender SMS

Numeric sender SMS can be sent under one of below senders: 

  • 6xxx or 8xxx (For example 6788, 8034): The quality of messaging is stable, the brand identity is average.
  • Fixed mobile numer: all recipients receive SMS from a fixed mobile number (for example 0907300800, 0901800235). This type of message is quite good of quality and saves up to 50% of the message cost. Low brand recognition.
  • Random numeric mobile number: SMS are sent to end users from various phone numbers. This is the least expensive type of messaging, but the stability is lower than other types of messaging.

3. MMS

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an end-to-end solution enabling businesses to deliver a rich MMS experience to customers. You can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, speech and audio for the ultimate messaging experience.



  • Longer and bigger message (up to 300 KB/MMS)
  • Much better brand recognition
  • Various supported rich media
  • Only some carriers support. End-user must use smart phones and  3G / 4G data on.

4. Flash SMS – USSD

Flash SMS is similar to other text SMS, however, flash messages are sent directly to the home screen, enabling end users to read it immediately without opening messages from inbox. 

Some features:

  • They have an interactive menu, and therefore easier to use. A user is asked to respond to a series of menus.
  • They are possible both in feature and smart phones; in fact all phones. Their control is by the GSM network.
  • The responses are automated and fast. Then USSD allows for faster communication between the user and the client application.
  • USSD menus messages cannot be stored in a phone.
  • Only some carriers support.

How a SMS system works?