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Other Services

Other Services

1. Mobile/ Email Verification

The service can check if a mobile number or an email address is “available” or not. This will help to keep your database clean and fresh, save cost and increase the effectiveness of each campaign.

Why to use Mobile/Email Verification?

  • Better mobile/Email database
  • Higher delivery rate
  • Saving costs for your SMS or Email campaigns. For example, you have 100k mobile numbers, in which 10% (or 10,000 mobile numbers) are not available anymore. If you send 100k SMS with unit cost of 750 VND/SMS, the cost for those 10k unavailable mobile numbers (7,500,000 VND) will be wasted as those numbers cannot receive your SMS while telcos still charge the fee. Then, if you send 10 times in a year, you waste a large amount of 75,000,000 VND.