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Hội Thảo Số –

Hội Thảo Số – is a solution designed for conferences, events, training courses, etc., enabling audience to participate and interact with speakers through mobiles, tablets, or laptops with Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection. helps to save time for FAQ session, enhance the interaction between speakers and audience, making your events much more interactive, lively and professional.

Some highlight features:
  • Allow admin to filter and control which questions to be shown (on screen and devices)
  • All audience are anonymous
  • Export event data to excel


A. How does it work?

1. With Event Host

  • Contact VietGuys to register.
  • VietGuys will provide event host with an admin account to log in at: With this account, event host can create event, change logo, upload agenda, create event passcode, create customized surveys, polls, manage comments/ questions, etc.
  • Just within 60 minutes, is ready to use for your event.

2. With Audience

  • Every event has a confidential passcode. (MC will provide audience the passcode at the beginning of each event).
  • Audience use the passcode to log in Audience will be able to see all sessions of events, interact with speakers (make, read and vote for questions/comments, join surveys, live polls, etc…)
  • With questions and comments, allows admins to check, and confirm before showing them on big screen and end users’ devices (Mobile phones, laptops, tablets).
  • Speakers can choose most-voted questions/comments on the screen to feedbacks. Survey/poll results can be showed real time when users interact.


B. Advantages

1. Interactive

  • Break the barrier between the audience and speakers, letting them interact more easily with speakers.
  • With, audience are longer “passive listeners”, they are “active participants”. This will surely help to make your events more exciting, interactive and professional.

2. Easy to use

  • Just enter the event passcode at, audience can access to event agenda and participate in activities.
  • With Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection, audience can join on all types of smart phones, tablets and laptops.

3. Flexibility

  • No technology barrier as supports interactions both on website and via SMS (for those who use feature phones)
  • Ability to customize themes, logos, etc. for each event.

4. Privacy and security

  • Every event has a unique passcode to join and every client has their own admin account to manage and control their event.
  • All end users are anonymous, except when they fill their information in your surveys or information request forms.
  • SSL secured connection.

C. Features

1. View event agenda

  • Audience can view all detailed information about the event as soon as they enter the passcode.

2. Create and join live surveys / polls

  • Event hosts can easily create surveys or polls so that audience can join at any time during the event. All the results can be live shown on big screen and exported to excel.

3. Make questions/comments

Audience can raise their questions or comments when listening without interrupting speakers. They can also see and vote, and comment on the others’ comments/questions. This helps to resolve common problems in a traditional event, such as: dare not raise questions in front of many people; limited time for Q&A session, forget the questions, etc…



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