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SMS Brandname

SMS Brandname

SMS Brandname is a SMS that directly deliver messages with Your Brand Name at the sender position instead of provider’s shortcode number.

There are 2 types of SMS brandname: Customer Care and Advertising.


  • Better brand awareness
  • Messages can be personalised to each recipient. For example “Dear Peter, your point in June is 345…”
  • Be able to set schedules for SMS batches or automatically to send SMS out on certain occasions like holidays, birthdays, etc.
  • Higher open rate
  • Most stable and reliability

Some scenarios:

  • Supermarkets want to send coupons for promotions, discounts … to loyal customers.
  • Banks send happy birthday messages, announce account balance to customers, notice interest, overdue debt, announce new service packages
  • Enterprises send notice to their agents, Electricity company, Internet company, Water company … can send monthly charge reminder to customers
  • Postal companies express delivery, postal mail
  • Airlines announce e-ticket code, change flight time