Account Manager


Number of recruitment: 01

We are looking for a competent Account Manager to lead the Account Mobile department, with responsibilities stretching from planning overall team strategy, involving in liaising with strategic partners and managing the execution of client’s projects. As a leader, your performance will be directly based on achievement of the business result of the whole team.


  • Deeply understand the company’ s strategic plan, then formulate detailed departmental business plans to facilitate the attainment of business goals and quotas
  • Present products to prospective clients
  • Proactively understand current client’s status and procedures of consultancy, customer service and other mobile SMS projects.
  • Present products to prospective clients
  • Unearth new sales opportunities through networking and turn them into long term partnerships
  • Provide professional after-sales support to enhance the customers’ dedication
  • Remain in frequent contact with the clients in your responsibility to understand their needs
  • Respond to complaints and resolve issues aiming to customer contentment and the preservation of the company’s reputation
  • Negotiate agreements and keep records of sales and data
  • Conduct frequent service & technical skills training for staff


  • Preferred BSc or BA in business administration, sales or marketing
  • Good at Microsoft Office, especially MS Excel
  • Ability to work independently, teamwork
  • Good at communication/presentation skills and ability to build relationships
  • Enthusiastic and passionate
  • Organizational and time-management skills
  • Good at English
  • Preferred 2-3 year experience holding management position of Customer Service department.


  • Competitive salary
  • 13th salary and reward quarterly & annual results
  • Health insurance (medical treatment) and accidents for employees (100 million/ year)
  • Health insurance, social insurance followed VN law
  • Monthly mobile phone allowance
  • Lunch allowance
  • Annual company trip

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