Canon has always moved and renewed the brand with new goods during its years of operation in Vietnam. Canon Vietnam and VietGuys have collaborated to enhance advertising activities on online platforms through the Online Ads service in order to maximize the efficacy of product launch campaigns.

Campaign Result

Views in 4 days of advertising

New product page traffic

Canon Vietnam brand awareness

Business Issue

During multiple years operating in Vietnam, Canon has marked its active presence with the construction of 04 production factories in cities and provinces in the North of Vietnam. Canon's representative in Vietnam and headquarters have grown into worldwide leaders not only in the photography sector but also in a wide variety of customer and enterprise products throughout decades of development.


When the Canon brand first appeared in Vietnam, it was highly appreciated by users, resulting in a plethora of economic development potential. This is one of the key driving engines behind Canon's growth, as it introduces new items to the Vietnamese market on a regular basis. In order for those campaigns to be successful, they must have a good marketing strategy in addition to business plans. As a result, Canon Vietnam has partnered with VietGuys in these initiatives as a companion advertising partner.


Set Goals

The creative teams from Canon Vietnam and VietGuys got the opportunity to conduct an in-depth discussion to better grasp the Enterprise's desires for a new product's advertising campaign. Canon Vietnam has created advertising TVCs to use for communication as part of the plan. As a result, the campaign's goal for both parties is to promote the film to potential buyers while also increasing the amount of views on internet platforms.


VietGuys Strategy

Display advertising - An effective tool to reach customers

VietGuys together with Canon Vietnam choose to use Online Ads of Google Ads platform to achieve their goal. VietGuys' online advertising service is a way to get target customers' attention while they're on social media, listening to music, watching movies, or using an app.


For TVC products, VietGuys deploys to utilize Google advertisements with a cost-per-view (CPV) bidding strategy to match the product and achieve the best result.

  • When advertising expenditures for each video view and engagement can be readily controlled, this advertising technique offers several benefits to the Canon brand.

  • Increase the strategy's branding ability: customers can learn about Canon Vietnam by watching promotional films, as video platforms are always one of the most effective ways to reach a big number of people.