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VFC: Mobile Smart Topup

VFC: Mobile Smart Topup


Increasing sales by encouraging VFC sealers


After purchasing VFC products, dealer will message to accumulate points by syntax: VFC [Product Code] to 6089

When receiving the message, the system will perform 3 steps: 

  • Check the accuracy of the Product Code
  • Accumulate points for dealers if they have valid product code
  • Reward dealers: automatically topup directly into the phone account or send a message containing the popup code to the winner dealer. 

VietGuys service allows the entire process, from recognition, accumulation points, reward automatically. At the same time, a real-time online report is also provided, which helps VFC administrators can monitor the program easily.


The program has received positive responses from dealers. If the first month of the program, only about 400 topup given away, in the third month there are more than 1,500 top-ups for dealers.