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The Happiness Operator campaign was launched in 2015. Surf aimed to rural areas, where the target customers were inaccessible to social networking sites (facebook, twitter , google +, youtube, skype …), meanwhile activation activities might cost a lot. The problem to Surf was how to reach end users most widely, and anyone can easily participate. Besides, promotion content needs to be friendly, easy to join and suitable for people in rural areas.

Suft - SMS Marketing campaign

In order to solve this problem, the brand decided to carry out the campaign on the mobile device and through the most basic function of a phone that anyone can do – Free call to call center to enter the promotion.


On every Surf Detergent product there is a lucky code. Customers buy the product, message the lucky code to gateway 6089 SMS (cost 500d / sms) or free call to 18006878. By this way, customers have opportunity to ‘chat with the artist named Hoai Linh’ – the most popular Vietnamese comedian.

Recorded script that “Comedian Hoai Linh” will talk, tell jokes, and ask consumers to enter the promotion code in the packaging and answer some survey questions. Based on that, the system will:

  • Check the lucky code and automatically add money to customer’s mobile account for the customer if they are lucky people
  • Identify customer area based on code series
  • Collect consumer behavior data through surveys

Hoai Linh’s recorded voice is input very natural, humorous into the script is one of the factors that make the program a success.

Suft - SMS Marketing campaign


In 3 months, the campaign gained:

  • More than 8 millions call from customers 
  • Customer database boost up to 700,000
  • Sales increase 18%


MMA – Mobile Marketing Association
VietGuys J.S.C